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Industry building in the world , are seeing dramatic changes in technology and speed up the construction process is the development of new techniques and avoid using traditional methods , reduces the runtime of construction projects and in addition to saving achieve standards strength and safety is maintained .

Javed base (javid pedestal) Khvdtrazshvndh cap and adjustable height from 3 . 75 to 55 cm , for exterior surfaces Shybdarmannd roof terrace and exterior spaces that are isolated by insulation or Asphalt Shingles , solution and unique .

Traditional coverage due to traffic and sunlight are vulnerable and often unusable . At the same time a negative view on rooftops and other spaces created so that if the upper floors of a tall building to roof windows and terraces look around , saw thousands of square meters of space without using and dull on the faces of the city will .

In a number of buildings, external surfaces of insulation (insulation , Asphalt Shingles , etc.) are covered with a layer of stone mosaic that despite the large weight-bearing cement is due to the need to replace and Yale isolation layer of high costs and collect the aforementioned coverage will follow . Based on the company’s eternal basic standard eterno ivica Italy have made simply and without problems mentioned use of stone , ceramic tile in custom colors and as a result provides a roof , terrace and other local places for you to make a pleasant and usable .